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Programmable Logic / Automation Controller


PLCs and PAC's involve automation in the production of various commodities. Complex process controls such as those found in the manufacturing sector require sensitive and accurate operations. Recent technical developments in PLCs and PAC's have increased the quality and quantity of products and have reduced operating costs. In the same time the area of applications is not limited to industrial applications today PAC's cover also Building Automation System and Life Safety Systems (Fire Protection).


Rambutan Automation works with market leader PLC/PAC supplier as Allen Bradley/Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Siemens, Omron, ABB and others.



The distribuited control system technology traditionally provided process control / batch control where product variations are made according to recipes, or continuous process control.


Nowadays PAC is replacing DCS: Rambutan Automation can help you in this migration offering the market leader PAC solution, giving you a turn-on key system or assisting you in all phases.

Remote Terminal Units


The traditional remote terminal unit (RTU), also called a remote telemetry unit, provided multiple communication options for monitoring remote assets.


Whenever is required a custom control or a known brand product, Rambutan Automation can assist you developing functional specification / requirements and developing a tailored solution for the maximum customer satisfaction.

PC based controllers


PC-based control traditionally linked an adapter card on a computer to I/O, with custom applications written for control and communication.


Usually this is requiredfor very particular and specific process controls, where the PAC/PLC speed is not sufficient and/or a custom device has to be integrated.

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