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Whatever is needed a greenfield designs for a machine or equipment, Rambutan Automation can assist you during al design phases or giving you a complete package, all carried out in full compliance with current regulations and following any customer specification, if available.

Old times were good times!


If you need an upgrade for your old but sturdy and reliable machine you can rely on us.


Old times were good times, old machines are often sturdy and reliable even more than new ones, and operators are accustomed to maintain and operate the very same machine since a long time.


However, you have also to keep the pace with modern tecnologies and prevent unattended shutdown, especially if your machine is a key in your process / line, or if you prefer what is called a show stopper.

In the majority of the cases is just the control system which does not keep up with the current techologies or perhaps you need additional functionalities.


The lifespan for a control system is about ten years if it was designed with top of the shelf components or built with market leader brands; however, beyond this lifespan it is strongly suggested an upgrade.


Rambutan Automation can upgrade your machine with the latest technologies avaiable on the market, or assist you on all phases, from the reverse engineering (if needed) to the design of the functional specification and BoM.

Reverse engineering


The world is moving on paperless, and nowadays easily you have huge package of plant drawings and documentation in general. However, the transition it is not always smooth as desired, or sometime just something is lost or irremediably damaged.


Rambutan Automation  can help you doing a reverse engineering for missing drawings and programs.

Control panels / control cabinets


Attention to technical design becomes the prerequisite for the development and creation of the whole set of documentation necessary for the construction of electrical panels, be they PLCs, PACs, drive panels or control consoles.

Our control panels are engineered under a strict quality control system. Every panel is tested and factory verified, read to installed on site.


Reports of functional and integrated tests and production of “As built” documentation is included with every control panel / cabinet. 

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